Friday, October 10, 2008

My Awesome New Hair Cut

So let's review. This was my hair for the last year or two:


Its a little Farrah a little Heidi but a whole lotta hassle. I just couldn't do it anymore! I needed to embrace my inner straight-haired girl. I love me some curls but for me curls require product + heat + patience + a can of extra hold hairspray. I can't be that high maintenance anymore.

So I decided to do what they say on all of those makeover shows and "work with your hair." Here's the new cut and color (don't you just LOVE the color? I have no idea why I'm the only kid in my family not to have awesome dark hair naturally. I got stuck with golden brown. BOR-ING!)

First of all, I have to say that this cut is for real the easiest to do of ANY hairstyle I've ever had. That includes perms. I seriously just wash it, and dry it and try to make sure I don't dry the bangs sticking up funny. From beginning to end its like 4 minutes. No lie. My snooze button will be seeing a lot more of me now.

One of the other best things about this cut is its versatility!

Want it a little more casual? No problemo ... I just sweep it to one side and Voila!

Dry those bangs funny? Or not feeling bangy that day. A single bobby pin will suffice.

Need a wig to rob a bank in? This look is also included.

Here's the casual, I'm just going to throw my hair up into a pony tail, but still look totally cute look and all you people can just be jealous of me and my casual but perfect style.

And how does it look after a day of running around doing errands and cleaning? Like this:


I don't have to keep fluffing or scrunching or spraying or flipping to make it look cute. IT JUST LOOKS CUTE. PERIOD.

At last I am content.


Anonymous said...

So hot.

Leslie said...

love it, especially the ponytail look. it looks so put together, i have bang envy. my massive cowlick has prevented bangs from entering my realm of possibility for my whole entire life.

don't you feel sorry for me now? sigh.

Erin said...

all your posts, but this in particular, make me sad that we weren't really in DC at the same time.

LOVE, the hair.

erinmalia said...

looks even better than when i saw you thursday. you look older, but in the good-old way.

JenAve said...

love it. you look hot!

Holly said...

Are you kidding???????? I thought you looked WAY better before. Who the heck is your new hair dresser and what are they smokin??? I need the number of the girl who did it for the last two years.

PS Seriously though, I really like the casual ponytail.

Holly said...

BTW- my comment probably could be taken as serious, but I meant it to just be funny. I really do think you look cute!

Alicia said...

What a Hottie!!! You are just turning over new leaves everywhere, new house, new hair, what's next?!?! What's left? You look so great. I love the idea of going with what you got and the ease of it all. I can't wait to see you in person.

Maren said...

Gretchen - Like the haircut!! Can't wait to see it live at Thanksgiving. Have you tested it in non-humid climates yet? Anyhow, I'm also commenting on your bookshelf. I just read the book Lock and Key by Sarah Dressen too. It was my first book by her, and I really enjoyed it! She had a good young adult voice, though Meg Cabot reamins my favorite.

Melissa said...

Found your blog through facebook. I am so glad I have found you I have thought of you a ton over the last few years.

I love your blog and you are as funny as ever. I have to say I use to think that my blog was going to be witty and funny and it just isn't. I have missed you tons. Seriously so funny!!!

Katie said...

I totally love the new do and color. Its so hot! Knock 'em dead!