Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I was scanning through the Status updates in Facebook yesterday, and one of my friend's said, "I'm working to get the vote out for John McCain." And I got this squinty look on my face that I get whenever I see something that is weeeeiiiiird. Thinking about it for a mo, I realized that this guy was the first person I had heard during this election who said they were planning on voting for McCain.

Later, when I discovered that the Obama/McCain split in DC was 92/8% the lack of McCainers made a lot more sense. Apparently DC is a McCain-Free-Zone, so its a good thing I switched parties before moving here. I might have been run out on a rail during the street party that ensued when it was called for Obama. I'm still in the shallow end of the Democrat pool, but so far I'm finding it quite refreshing.

But, even though I've defected, I still really like McCain as a person. However, some advisor somewhere should have sat him down and talked to him about the importance of White Strips. I thought his concession was exceptionally gracious. So I say, well fought Honourable Gentleman from Arizona! May your aged bones be warmed as you bask in the toasty AZ sunshine!

And with that,

Let Barack Nation Begin!


Melissa said...

I to did not realize that there were McCain supporters. I live about a half mile from Obama's house in Hyde Park so as you can imagine McCain supporters do not advertise. I was actually surprised that McCain won any states, I guess I live in a bubble too.

lael said...

Stats I saw said 93% Obama and 7% McCain for DC. I totally agree about McCain's speech - very gracious indeed. And while I think we're in good hands for the next 4 years, I hope Americans have patience with Obama. It's going to take a while to get out of the current state of things.

They call him James Ure said...

Hiya!! James Ure here. It was good to see you on Facebook. Fellow Barack Obama voter here holding down the fort in the CO. I'm so excited for the next 4 years. :)

I'm a Democrat too but an independent Democrat. I'm pretty liberal I guess you could say.

I like that you have a blog on blogspot too!!