Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wherin I need a decorator

Hola peeps!

So as I alluded in my last post there's been some moving and shaking lately. Well, more moving than shaking if truth be told.

I've moved to Scottsdale, AZ! I'd love to go into the details of how, when, and for the love of all that's holy, WHY!? but I've got decorating to do and I need your advice. So we'll get into the back story later. For now, let's focus on the dilemma at hand.


My living room.

I was out shopping today in some of the vintage stores in PHX, and I found this bench:

Here's a little zoom in on the top, center:

Dimensions: 14" h x 24" d x 7' w

I thought it was pretty cool looking. Minimal, but solid, made of beautiful material. And I started thinking ... What if, instead of the traditional two chairs configuration, I used this bench and separated it into two sitting areas with cushions. At one end it could have a big fatty of a lamp, in between the "seats" a plant or magazines or something. And plenty of cushions to lean back onto.

Kind of unusual.

But I think it might be super cool.

This is where you come in, internets. I need your help. Put on your design glasses, and let me know what you think.

So here's what we're working with:

Location, Location, Location!

This is the window I'm thinking of putting this bench in front of. I love my view - there's a river (aka canal) and running path out there. I like to watch people come and go on it. And I like to see the water and all of the nature. So, if possible, I'd rather not block the view. I'm thinking the low profile of this bench might work well in that it will provide optional seating, without blocking the view with high or bulky chairs.

This is my new couch - which I am in serious love with. You will need to imagine that the walls are painted some beautiful rich yet to be determined color, so this couch will pop off the wall and scream, "SIT ON ME (But only if you aren't dirty and don't have a lot of hair gel)!!" In a future post we'll talk wall colors. (I'm thinking grass green ... but you know me, as long as its not a neutral I'm open.)


Now, here are some potential pieces to style this bench. Possible cushions to create the "seats" (which will hopefully be in a cooler color - like a royal blue or something.) And there'd be a bunch of colorful, complementary cushions to lean on as well.

An AWESOME lamp I found today. Since the bench is so low (only 14") I want a tall lamp to anchor it. This dude is wicked cool. It doesn't hurt that the tag on it says, "Cool Fat Ass Lamp." I'd buy it just for that. (There's only one - do I need a pair??)

I mean, seriously. Look at this glaze!

Then, get a green shag rug, a round glass coffee table, and a yet to be determined chair, shown below in yellow, and the layout would look something like this:

So? What do you think? Should I break the rules and do a bench instead of two chairs in front of my window? Do I need two lamps - one on either side? (If so, should they match?) Is it sketchy to have to lean against the windows - I mean, there will be back cushions, but if you're really lazy your head could touch the window. Is that a no-no? Am I totally mental for thinking to do this?

Alright. Send me your thoughts, comments, criticisms. And, Go!


Kevin said...

My thoughts are this...unless you are going to be uber-social, you're not going to need that much seating on a regular basis. So, doing the low table will look really cool there (I say this having seen the space). It will be a fun and different thing to do. Deal with the occasional seating crunch. the drawing! Who knew you had such mad skills!?

Amber Brown said...

I think it looks awesome---and I'd go for magazines over a plant probably. Props to you for finding a place in AZ with wood floors. When I lived there I figured I would never ever go beyond renting because I just couldn't handle all the tile :)

Erin said...

I agree with Kevin. You are likely not going to need that much seating on a regular basis. If you do then you may want to think of more comfortable seating but if not, I love the idea of using the bench as you describe. Your place sounds really great. Also, I think you need to share the story of your move for those of us who follow you through your blog. :)

aje&h said...

amazing! i love this idea and i might steal it. one lamp in the middle accompanied with a cool build-up (or super box-type turned upside down and laid to rest on top find) for magazines, arm rest, whatever. i have consistently used alternative seating in my rentals and loved the results. the bench is uber industrial, so your cushions, rugs and upholstery will emphasize where the loungey areas are, but maintain some structure. and an added bonus is the breezy vacuuming around that thing! side note, the yellow is going to be amazing. i love yellow with slate grey, browns, gentle whites, pops of red, throw in a bit of blue (velvet), and black....and you have my living room. what about aqua/robin egg blue accents? green walls would be amazing. check benjamin moore paints out. pottery barn uses them exclusively in their catalogs and then lists what they've used. sorta lengthy...sorry. keep these posts coming! it's so fun to see your process and inspiration!

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