Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wherin I Was There; or The Unending Battle of Short vs Tall

Anything I could say couldn't possibly expand upon the events of this weekend. It was really amazing!

So instead of a thousand words about it, I'll just offer a few pictures.


If I had Binocular Eyes

Somehow our spot in front of the Smithsonian Castle was the designated Tall Person Sanctuary. Shorties like myself had a tough time of it. Well below the tree line, I had to poke my camera up and just shoot. Sometimes I got something good, sometime it was just sky, but all of the time being there was beyond amazing.

It was a bad weekend to be short, but an awesome weekend to be an American.


betsey said...

Man! WE were near the Smithsonian Castle! I knew I should have gotten in touch! It was a crazy, wonderful weekend.

I need to shoot you an email to ask you some Q's...I'm applying to a Master of Library and Information Systems program...I need some info from my fav. librarian!

Melissa said...

That sounds amazing. Now you live on the same street as the President. Lucky!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of lying and saying that I got stuck in the 3rd Street tunnel—I just heard on the news that they're all getting free inauguration souvenirs.

Maren said...

How awesome that you got to be there for such a historic moment! Kevin and I settled for watching it on TV - but we were just as inspired. Here's to hope!!