Friday, December 29, 2006

I love George Michael

I love George Michael, and I don't care who knows it.

Is there, I ask you, a better pop Christmas song than Last Christmas? I proudly sing (and dance) along to Freedom -- just try doing a "breast stroke" style move during the chorus of Freedom. I think you'll like it.

Doing Karaoke? Nothin' like a little Wake Me Up Before You Go Go! to get the crowd on your side.

Even though I Want Your Sex is a little risque for my pent-up taste, I have to admire his homage to Faith. Who cares if he ends up slumped over his steering wheel one too many times? I will always love George Michael.

However, I will not always love Michael George.

Michael George is a fellow in my ward who has recently taken a shine to me. Now every girl likes to be liked, however, they like to be liked by someone there is a remote chance for romance with. Sadly, romance is definitely not in cards with Michael George.

There are so many obstacles to the match, I'm not even sure where to start:
  • Age (let's just say he prefers his corn creamed),
  • Interests (not sure what they are other than spending time at the library and leaving 4 minute messages on my phone),
  • Temperament (uh - nerdy, and not in a good way),
  • Height and Weight (I'm bigger on both counts) and finally....
  • He's a close talker. Give me my space, little dude. That's all I can say.
Unfortunately, in addition to wanting to "see where our paths have crossed before" he is my Home Teacher. Which means I have two options.
  1. Endure him for one 30 minute meeting once a month (I can't even imagine the torture!!)
  2. Find out if he's a strong member of the Church. If he is, I'll feel good about ditching Home Teaching. If he isn't I'll have to resort to #1.
I sincerely hope he's a strong member of the Church so I can force him to fail in his calling. I hate to make anyone slack unnecessarily, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I mean, come on, my heart belongs to George Michael. I have to be true to my heart.


Camie said...

I never trust anyone with two first names.

erin said...

two first names is almost as bad as two last names. any luck on finding out his church status?