Friday, February 9, 2007

My Favorite Stories V. 1

I had so much fun putting together my list of things that make me who I am, I decided to start a series with a few of my favorite stories. Here's the first installment.

An Open Letter to the Stupid Hippies on the DC Beltway

Dear Stupid Hippies,
Don't you know that when you're trying to exit the beltway in your Stupid Hippie VW Van you should SLOW DOWN and let those that are trying to enter the beltway SPEED UP? Apparently not. Why wouldn't you slow down to exit behind me? I can't slow down to let you get in front of me - I had a speeding stream of cars to join, after all. Instead we stayed neck-n-neck until the very last second when finally you slammed on your brakes to duck behind me. I'm sorry you ended up screeching off the road, taking out the 15 x 20' sign for College Park on your way. But I want you to know that I laughed all the way home. Nice one, Hippies.
Not Ashamed for Driving Like a Badass

And we shall call it The Peevator
I've been in an elevator when someone has peed their pants. Twice. Same elevator. Different people.

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Joseph said...

You are cruel and heartless. So d*** funny.