Wednesday, February 7, 2007

75 Things That Make Me Who I Am

Erin posted 75 things that make her her - and so here's my attempt at the same.

  1. No matter how tired I am, I always read before going to bed.
  2. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is reading all night, or at least until I fall asleep with the light on.
  3. I wish I was the kind of person that knew my mailman's name.
  4. At a new restaurant it takes me a long time to choose what I want, but every time after that I usually get the same thing.
  5. I'm creative, but not in the way I wanted to be. (Can one make a living by creating the Work Density Measure?)
  6. I have no "talent show" talents.
  7. I worry that I won't handle difficult challenges gracefully.
  8. I'm religious, but I don't like to talk about it.
  9. Missionary work is my least favorite topic.
  10. A cute outfit can make my whole day better.
  11. I love the word "persimmon".
  12. I'm a story-aholic. I'll pick up a new book immediately after finishing the first. I think of it as similar chain-smoking, lighting the next cigarette off of the last.
  13. In my dreams I remember other dreams I've had. It's almost like an alternate life. Sometimes I get these lives confused and think I've done things that I haven't.
  14. I watch TV with a blanket on me. Always. Even in the summer.
  15. I don't like watching TV when its sunny. It feels wasteful.
  16. I've been known to avoid people I know when I see them in public. It's an instinctive reaction and can be pretty dramatic. I'll turn around abruptly, or go into a building, or if I'm at home I'll hide under my covers.
  17. I agree to do things I have no intention of doing, with the assumption that the asker won't follow up. I almost never get burned on this.
  18. I like restaurants with short menus.
  19. Mexican food is my comfort food.
  20. I am not a collector. I don't like anything that much. (except maybe books, but I check them out).
  21. I will not shop at gift shops.
  22. I almost always wish I could share whatever I'm doing with someone, a friend or family member. But it depends on what I'm doing as to who I'd like to have with me.
  23. I'm very independent. I'm often alone, but not usually lonely.
  24. Charles, my stuffed penguin that I got when I was 12, is the only item I own that is truly irreplaceable. (except maybe my grandmother's china)
  25. I am a chameleon. I take on the traits of others when I am with them.
  26. I am a night owl.
  27. I rely on my smile for a large part of my confidence.
  28. I am good at talking to people, but as a formerly shy kid, I'm still scared. Even, sometimes, talking to good friends.
  29. I enjoy public speaking.
  30. Money has always been a motivator for me. Must not be a very good one though, since I'm pretty lazy.
  31. My sense of humor and wit are my favorite things about myself.
  32. There will always be something physical I don't like about myself. But I usually get over it and move onto something else to not like after a while.
  33. I don't like doors slamming.
  34. I have a math phobia.
  35. I like children, but commercials where they make messes drive me crazy.
  36. I'm a bad driver.
  37. Like Erin, I believe in stereotypes.
  38. I'm incongruently frugal. I'll happily plunk down $40 on a dinner out, but then dither over whether I should get the $1.50 or the $1.79 can of beans.
  39. I greet my car and my house every time I see them. eg. "Hola Casa mia!" (my house speaks Spanish).
  40. I am a HUGE self talker. HUGE. I actually have to tell myself (outloud) to stop talking to myself.
  41. I hum when I'm eating food I really enjoy. Sometimes I'll dance in my chair and wave my fork around too.
  42. I like to floss.
  43. I like to dance.
  44. I think I'd be less interested in alcohol if it didn't come with such fun bar ware.
  45. I'm the 5th of 7 kids, and as the oldest of the second batch of kids I think I've got the best spot in the family.
  46. I don't like to play team sports. Especially volleyball.
  47. I love to ice skate.
  48. I love to watch movies and don't feel weird going to them alone.
  49. My favorite movie snack is chocolate covered peanuts. (dark chocolate if you've got it).
  50. I love dark chocolate, and think white chocolate is an abomination.
  51. I love strawberry ice cream.
  52. I like pink, orange, and yellow best, but I like all of the colors.
  53. Definitely Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi.
  54. Chicken Lollipops and Lemon-scented Crepes are my signature dishes.
  55. I cry very easily. Don't be distressed if you see me crying, it's probably nothing.
  56. I hate snakes. I watch snake shows on Discovery Channel to try to cure my phobia. It's not going very well.
  57. I like maps. I need to know where I am on a map to feel like I'm really there.
  58. I like history and architecture.
  59. Rather than going to the standard tourist spots, I like to walk around neighborhoods when I visit new cities.
  60. I absolutely love having my own apartment.
  61. I love listening to the evening edition of Marketplace. I especially like the theme music.
  62. I will never get a tattoo. Not because I think they are bad, but because I could never pick anything I'd like enough to have on my body for forever. I'm way too fickle.
  63. I have tiny ankles and wrists. I'm very proud of them.
  64. As a former mountain girl I'm surprised at how much I love the ocean. In the spirit of #39I speak French to the sea, but since I don't know too much French it's a short conversation.
  65. I don't like pets. I'm considering faking an allergy so I don't ever have to have one.
  66. I love beautiful fruit and vegetables. The kind you get at a good farmers market - not at Safeway.
  67. I hate knick-knacks.
  68. I love when my house is clean, but I don't like to clean it.
  69. I love technology and the Internet. Can't wait to see where it goes next.
  70. 32 is the age I've always wanted to be.
  71. I prefer British phrases to American ones. (eg. "take away" vs. "carry out")
  72. I judge people on their English and grammar.
  73. The longer I'm out of school the dumber I feel.
  74. The worst job I could have would be being a door-to-door salesman. I would HATE that.
  75. I have a high level of tolerance. But when I'm done, I'm done.


Camie said...

Love it, Love it, Love it! You are my inspiration.

Ruth & Ryan said...

I was surprised at how many things we had in common. Not that I thought we were that dissimilar but truly we are a LOT alike. I hope this doesn't upset you. Some numbers that were the same were 1,2,12,14,26,30,32,68,71 and others as well. No wonder Camie likes us both so much....hehehe.

erin said...

alright. i was surprised to read #3 (the mailman one). while i didn't know #39 (hola casa), i do the same thing! but my house speaks english and sometimes sounds an awful lot like chuck when it replies, "hi erin." and i can TOTALLY picture you doing #41, the humming while eating and twirling fork. awesome.