Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All Hail the End of January

It was probably about, oh, four years or so ago when Maria declared January the longest month of the year. I hadn't thought about it much up until then, but over the past years I've been paying attention and I'll be damned if January isn't five-six times longer than the average month.

It's not like I don't have anything to do during January. If anything, Jan is almost as full as December. I've got New Years, my Birthday (which I try to stretch into a week-long celebration every chance I get), about 15 friend's birthdays, and Martin Luther King weekend - which usually means a trip somewhere to attend ALA. Any one of these events during say March or August, would send the month zipping along. What I wouldn't give for a 3-day weekend in either of these holiday barren months! But it seems like every time I check the date it's still January. I swear, it's been January for at least 7 weeks now.

There are a lot of things that drag the month down. This year it was the arrival of the cold weather, the immediate breaking of New Year's Resolutions, and waiting for the credit card cycle to close so I can start spending again after the Christmas debauchery. The British agree with me, and declare Jan 24th the "most depressing day". If you're wondering, June 22 is the least depressing day. Thankfully the year can get started now that February has come and the tarpits of January are behind us.

2007 : Let's Get This Bi-otch Started!


erin said...

couldn't agree more, gretch. cold without snow is soooo pointless. and once january is done, that means we're that much closer to march and april. i'm so done with this cold.

Camie said...

I'm freezing my ass off and I think it's making me cranky.