Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mamma Said, Mamma Said

It's ridiculous to think that I am in a position to influence the lives of young people. Yet, as a leader for the Young Women (albeit only a few Young Women), such is the case. Me. Yes, Me. The girl that can't manage to have three meals a day (square or otherwise), whose plants die, and generally says and does whatever pops into her head. Who am I to mold fresh young minds? Ridiculous to think that they are actually looking to me as an example, and possibly (perish the thought) as a role model.

I am constantly thinking about everything I say to these girls. I look back to see what others said to me and what stuck with me. There are a few quotes that I've internalized that came during my formative years. Formative years = anything after High School. I was just coasting through High School and didn't do much to fix my character. Come to think of it, if thats the case, maybe these girls have a fighting chance after all. Nevertheless, these are my favorite pieces of advice from my youth.

1. "Don't go to hell for $5." - Mom Hanson. Originally intended to keep me honest when filling out my timesheets, I now ask myself for what amount I would be willing to go to hell for. Thank goodness I have no concept of numbers, and so I remain relatively honest. You'd be surprised how often I have to do this analysis.
2. "The Church is true everywhere but in Utah." - Mom Hanson. Spoken on the eve of my attending BYU in Utah. Wise words Mother, wise words.
3. "Be the bigger person." - Rebecca Whitenight's Mom. Everytime I think I have every right to be a snot, I remember this and it straightens me out. Usually.
4. "Be nice to the underdog." - Genevieve Demos' Mom. The best part about this quote is that according to Genevieve, her mom didn't realize that she was the underdog. Still good advice though.
5. "The only difference between a cud-chewing cow and a gum-chewing girl is the smile on the cow's face." - Grandpa Doman. In addition to keeping me from looking like a cud-chewing cow, this also reminds me to not be tacky.

And to smile if I'm chewing gum.

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Camie said...

Wise wise words my friend. It's no wonder you've turned out to be the voice of reason.