Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Birthday Bash '07

Hot off the Camera - Birthday Pictures!

Dinner at Penang, an Asian restaurant in Dupont Circle. My dinner came in a pineapple - Oh Snap! Maria and I scored on our yummy swan-shaped dessert! The sauce had some sort of liqueur in it, which was delicious! This was one of those times when it's only your pride keeps you from doing something really embarrassing like licking the plate. Or knocking out your friend to get the last drop.

And now we DANCE!

Boogie, Boogie, Disco Brother! Lael proved that white guys can dance!

Last stop: Lucky Bar! We stayed here until about 1:30 AM. Lots of fun, lots of babes, lots of complimentary water.

Thanks for an excellent birthday everyone!

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Camie said...

Hey! I must approve of all photos of me BEFORE they are put on your blog. I really dislike the one with the 8 ball...