Friday, January 12, 2007

Married without children ... or a spouse

Single people love to make fun of Married People. This may be because we are jealous. Or it may be because we simply can't comprehend what it is that married people are doing with their time now that they're married. Especially after the first year. What, after all, could be more fun than spending time with your BFFs? A non-stop week of activities and socializing should be your heart's desire.

But at a recent party I found myself thinking longingly of my pajamas and home and suddenly the penny dropped. I realized that without my knowing it I had become a married person. Except I didn't have a husband -- a minor detail, I think.

It suddenly became crystal clear that it isn't that our married friends aren't interested in being friends with single people (as we so often think). It's that they don't give a rat's ass about what single people care about.
They don't care very much about meeting new people.
They don't care about having plans on the weekend.
They don't care about generating loads of witticisms to impress the masses.
They've played the game, and beat it, and now they're enjoying a refreshing smoothie.

And I see their point. Being single is very exhausting. I'm ready for my smoothie, and I shouldn't have to have a husband to get it.

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erin malia said...

so i totally had this awesome response to this, but for some reason it was deleted. but in short, you're exactly right. it's too much work, and from someone in my position, why work that hard?!