Friday, March 9, 2007

Serial Barfer

On my walk yesterday from the Bethesda Library to my office (about 5 blocks) I noticed three blobs of nasty on the sidewalk that looked suspiciously like throw up. Of course I didn't inspect them closely, so I can't be sure. But that's what it looked like to me, and based on the comments of those around me, that's what it looked like to them.

I was surprised to see three blobs. All similar in color and content (again without really looking too closely). Three seems like a lot. Especially in one short walk along Bethesda Avenue.

This morning on my walk from the Metro to the office there was another one! Again, similar color and content. Of course, given the frequency and similarity of the sightings this can mean only one thing: There's a serial barfer loose in Bethesda!

Bethesdans, in light of this crisis, you should consider wearing goulashes until this foolio gets himself a bottle of Pepto and stops littering our streets with land mines of yucky.

(Consider this a Public Service Announcement. Too bad I don't need to do any community service, this would totally count.)


Gretchen said...

Apparently there's a serial pooper out there. I just found this post on The Best of Craig's list called "I am the Phantom Shitter". THere might be an epidemic of serial-bodilifunctioners.

Camie said...

I forgot to comment the other day....I think that is totally gross. And I think it's funny that you commented on your own blog.