Thursday, March 1, 2007

Academy Award of Water

AquaDeco crushed the competition for the best packaging at the Berkeley Springs Water Tasting competition. Its hard to tell from this picture, but the bottle to the left is sitting on a stainless steel stand that lights the bottle with pale blue light. To the left is the velvet bag the bottle comes in. The Armenian producers only brought about 12 bottles, all of which were given to judges or other dignitaries before the Water Rush.

Interesting story about this water. Apparently, the bottles are manufactured in Italy. The water is from one of the mountains Moses ascended. I'm not sure which one, but they should pick another spring because it's pretty disgusting.

Disgusting water or not, this bottle was the ultimate status symbol of the night. I will not be surprised if recipients of the Aquadeco bottle have it installed as a hood ornament.

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