Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Whatcha Think?

I want to take a class during Spring semester. Normally, I'd take a writing class, but I sort of want to diversify. Which of these classes do you think I should take?

Introduction to Digital Photography

Course description: This class is designed for beginners who want to better understand the world of digital imagery, or for students with experience who want to strengthen their basic skills. Topics covered include digital camera use, Photoshop basics, scanning and printing techniques. Students will be able to explore their own projects and develop the fundamental skills to continue digital work on their own.

Interesting because:
I suck at taking pictures. I also suck at making pictures look pretty. I need help.

Introduction to Drawing

Course description: In this class, students learn the fundamental concepts of drawing and 2D media. Observation, one of the most important elements in drawing, will be stressed through different techniques and experimentation with several materials. The class will be complemented with theory (composition, perspective, proportions) and examples in art history. Materials list will be provided at the first class.

Interesting because: I've never taken an art class before. I've always been scared because I have a hard time holding my hands steady. BUT! both my grandma and mom have some skill drawing ... so I've totally got it in my genes. I just need guidance! (and less caffeine)

Beginning Ballet

Course description: This class emphasizes the fundamentals of ballet and encourages ballet as a means of improved body awareness, poise, grace, musicality, flexibility, and self-expression. Classes are structured to include warm-up exercises, barre technique and center floor work. Ballet shoes and comfortable clothes are recommended. No prior dance experience required.

Interesting because: I could sure use some poise and grace. Plus, I quit ballet when I was 5 because it was cutting into my cartoon watching time. I should really give it another chance.

Internets? Your thoughts??


erinmalia said...

my votes are for photography or ballet. where are you going to take them? i'd love to take the photography class as i royally suck at it.

Anonymous said...

Photography. Mustard is ready for his/her close-up.

April said...

Although I would normally be all about the photography, a class focusing on "digital" photography doesn't seem like it will increase skill much.... and do you really need help "scanning and printing"?? Please, it's called upload and Shutterfly.com. So, I vote for drawing or ballet!

liloat said...

Scoobey-Doo was Very important! Ballet could wait until you were in your thirties. So I vote that or the photography. Sharing your same genes, I know I can't draw and never will be able to.

Mom says you should take a class in finishing your novel. You can yell at her later for that.

B. Pezman said...

Photography is easy, its the subjects we choose to take photos of that are hard ;)

Zen moment for you