Friday, April 13, 2007

Decisions that Count

After years of internal (and sometimes external) debate, I've finally made a very vital decision. If I had to choose whether or not I'd be Blind or Deaf, I definitely choose Deaf.

Being deaf would certainly be inconvenient, but it wouldn't cripple my life the way being blind would. How could I survive without having a book or three in the works? How would I do my desk jockey work? How could I blog? Without my sight I'd be out of work and bored.

So, you ask, why now? Why have I suddenly made my final decision on this issue? It's all due to a spate of binge reading in low light. My eyes are feeling strained (however not strained enough to need glasses yet - this is an awkward period). Contemplating eye failure has left me in a state of distress! How could I cope with my life as it is without being able to see? Everything I do relates to seeing and reading. My work, my entertainment ... everything! Not being able to see is unthinkable.

I'll miss not being able to hear, and I'll hate to give up my iPod. But Reading is my passion, the one thing I continually turn to, the one (and only) thing I favor over sleeping and eating. In short, Reading is the love of my life, and given the choice, who would give up the love of their life?

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erin said...

i could not agree more. i can't believe all the things i'd miss out on if i had no eyesight.