Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cherry Blossoms Time Again

I went downtown to the Cherry Blossom Festival after work this week. This is one of my favorite DC-isms; one I've attended practically every year. You know me, an overpriced Hot Dog and dodging morons that stop too abruptly to pose precariously close to the edge of the murky Tidal Basin and I'm a happy camper. (One year, one lucky year, someone is going to be taking an unscheduled swim.)

I think I waited a bit too long since the blooms were a touch past peak, but I couldn't resist holding out until the warmest day of the week. There aren't many things I enjoy more than walking around the monuments on a beautiful spring day. This year there were a lot of couples taking engagement shots. I've never noticed them before. They were right in with the melee of tourists, and didn't seem to mind if a bunch of strangers were in the background of their engagement photos. There's no accounting for taste, I suppose.


Camie said...

Love the photos, beautiful, just beautiful. I hope I'm there when the lucky person goes for the unscheduled swim in the tidal basin...gross

liloat said...

Basking in spring blossoms always makes me think about the crab apple tree in front of the Loveland house. The only time I really loved that tree was the 10 minutes it was transformed into a gigantic white mushroom. Beautiful! Just so glad I don't have to rake the crab apples in the fall anymore.

Ah ... I love spring!

erin said...

i'm really sad that i missed them this year. although we did drive through kenwood on saturday. have you ever done that? it's amazing!