Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Ring to Rule Them All

Young Hadley reminded me of the pleasure of a simple favorite thing. My favorite thing is my Rose Ring. Imagine the picture below as a beautiful pepto-pink and you'll get an idea of what my ring looks like. But they say the the value is not in the having but in the getting - and so let me share the tale of Gretchen of the Ring. (By the way, I apologize in advance to Tolkein fans).

My quest for The Rose Ring started when it caught my eye in my Lucky mag. When I saw that it was only $6 I immediately went to Middle Earth (FredFlare.com) to get one for myself. But some fashionable Dwarves got there first and bought them all for their fat-fingered masters. Discouraged, I thought my quest was doomed, and I would never be a keeper of The Ring.

But good things come to those who wait. And before long I was on my way from Mordor (Washington D.C) to The Shire (Portland, OR). And there it was. Snuggled safely in some unassuming shop in downtown The Shire. Without raising any suspicions I smugly slipped it onto my finger and paid the shoplady.

Little did that silly woman know what she had. A ring that fits perfectly on my Jimmy Dean fingers! A ring that makes every outfit cooler! A ring that garners compliments on all sides! This is the Ring to Rule Them All! And now it is mine. All mine. My precious, precious Ring.


liloat said...

What happened to all of the pictures you were taking of your hand while I was on the phone with you? We all wanted to see your "Jimmy Dean" fingers (actually I can just look down at my own -- ah, sad.)

I'm so happy I live in the Shire, aka the rose city -- that is why we have such cool rose rings here.

erin said...

i know. let's see this ring because right now i'm just confused. it is a rose on a ring? i simply don't get it.

Julie said...

I walk away from your blog for a couple of days, and before I know it, I’m back here on your page, where my daughter and her favorite thing fetish are mentioned. I just knew there were “others” like her out there. So glad you were able to nab the ring – we know all about items of obsession around these parts, and the sheer delight of a great find.