Friday, April 27, 2007

My Current Obsession

I'm in love with these bags by Tano Bags. I need a bag that's big enough to carry my lunch and shoes to work. Carrying a purse AND a shopping bag chock full of other stuff is just too ghetto. Only problem is that these little babies are pricey ... and so I'm left wondering if I'm prepared to become an expensive bag owner. It's a whole new level of consumership. I think I'm just about ready.

Here's my favorite bag the "Brady Bucket":


erin said...

oh man, when you said pricey, i thought you meant pri-cee. $180?! that's not that bad. you buy a crappy one for half that. why not buy something classic that will last. just make sure your interest in it will last as well and then it's all worth it.

Julie said...

I too have a thing going for handbags that will hold all of the necessary loot - in my case, alongside those shoes I've got to find a place to squeeze a couple of diapers, two or three binkies, and a bottle of milk. Thanks for introducing me to Tano. I say take the plunge - you're ready and qualified.