Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Beauty and Brains

When you read as much as I do it's very important to have a stockpile of books waiting in the wings. As I come across titles that I'd like to read, but am not quite ready for, I put them into my bookshelf at East 41 St. I've talked about this site before, where I go on and on about the wonders of being able to search for titles, see other related titles, store them in your bookshelf, and look them up at your public library. I worship this site.

But my worship just got a little more devout. I just discovered the "web friendly" view of my bookshelf. Now everyone can stop in and see what books I've saved (either for reading or re-reading). I love the cute little cupboard look, and the filler images of socks, newspapers, bottles, and other assorted miscellany.

So if you are at all interested in what books I've got on the docket, you can check out my bookshelf. And please, if you have a list of books somewhere let me know - I always need suggestions! Or if you have comments about any of the books on the shelf, I'd love those too!


Camie said...

I love it! I want one too.

Ruth & Ryan said...

This is completely wonderful and amazing! I love it! I immediately began creating my own. I am always trying to find a good way of finding new books to read and of keeping my list handy. I have tried the wish list at Amazon but this is so much better. Thanks! Plus, I have to say I love the fact that Peppermints in the Parlor is on your list. One of my all time faves.