Monday, April 21, 2008

Success Really Takes A Lot of Work

I went on a date this Saturday. I think this was the first date I've been excited to go on since my Senior Prom. I forgot that when I'm excited to go on a date, I care about making a good impression. And like, what if he comes into my apartment, and the throw pillows aren't properly plumped!? Obviously, that's the kiss of death to any budding relationship. So I spent all last week stressing out about getting everything shipshape.

Monday - Got serious about my salad-for-lunch diet and do not, under any circumstances, let the IT boys persuade me to go out to eat. Rocked it at the gym for a couple of hours.

- Cleaned my kitchen, including sweeping and mopping the floors.

- Researched spray gel and spray shine; the right hair product is essential! Then went to the gym, and vacuumed my house.

- Went to Sephora to get some expert advice on the spray gel and spray shine.

- Consulted at length with my girlfriends about what's better to wear on a first date (dinner, possibly dancing): jeans, skirt, or pants? And what kind of top? FOR THE LOVE, WHAT KIND OF TOP??

- The big day! Last chance work out at the gym. Checked Macy's, Target, and some local boutiques for a cute top. Couldn't find one (shocking!) so had to settle for something I already had, which was fine, but still nerve-wracking (there's something so confidence-boosting about new clothes). Cleaned my house to within an inch of it's life. Showered, shaved legs, plucked eyebrows, dressed, did hair and make up with extra care, put on perfume, and selected jewelery. Finally, I watched the news until he arrived to cram some current events into my brain, so I'd seem smarter.


Now, after all of that work you can imagine how nervous I was that we would have a terrible time, or that I wouldn't like him, and all of that work would have been worthless. Yup, I was pretty nervous. But that's nothing compared to how nervous I am for our second date! At least my house is clean this time, which fortunately leaves more time to track down a cute top.


Nik said...

You must share the results of the spray gel, spray shine research with your readers.

Camie said...

"last chance workout" that's funny!

Margaret said...

And I love that you wrote ALL of that...and then nary on word on how the date actually went. Is the casual mention of a second date supposed to communicate some of that?!

So thanks for all the build-up and then not following through.

No, really, thanks.

Julie said...

yes, where are the actual details??? is this a guy from the online dating pool?? dying to know . . .