Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wherin Laziness Is An Asset

Ever since my job finally got a grip on itself and started being a real job, I've had to give up my most favorite guilty pleasure of sleeping in. This is fine. I'm an adult and can totally deal with getting up at normal adult hours. (Besides, I'm an adult with no children so my "getting up early" is most people's "sleeping in." So I still feel like I'm ahead of the game.)

Anyway, today was the first day in a long time that I didn't have any meetings starting before 10 AM. I checked my calendar like six times since it's become pretty commonplace to have 7:30 AM conference calls. So when my alarm went off at 6AM, I said to myself, "shuuppppp!neeedsleeeepnoowork" Which basically translates to "Go ahead and hit the snooze bar a few times, lovey, there's no need to rush in to work today."

This was great news, because I was really enjoying sleeping. The night before I'd gone to bed with my window open, so the temperature in my room was very crisp on the outside of my duvet, but very warm and sleep inducing on the inside. I spent the next hour and a half snoozing, and sticking first one foot out into the chilly air before pulling it back into the warmth, and then the other. If I were the kind of person that felt good about calling non-food items "delicious" I would have called this morning's extended snooze delicious. Or maybe scrumptious.

But as delightful as this snooze-time was, I did eventually get up and get ready for work.

I was in the living room putting the last items into my bag (ipod? check. snack? check.) when SUDDENLY a power washer stream hit the window. Usually they are pretty good about letting us know when they are power washing or otherwise lurking outside of the windows. But even though it was a surprise it wasn't a big deal, so I grabbed my bag, locked the door, and headed down the hallway.

BUT THEN! I turned on my heel and went back inside.

Open bedroom window
+ Power Washing outside
One mother of a mess

How fortunate that I decided to be a little lazy today! If I'd rushed out early and thereby had my bedroom flooded, I would have been plenty pissed off.


soundofstilhed said...

Close call!

I generally get up at 7:30. Before the office moved to Crystal City, I woke up at 8. Thirty minutes less sleep each day: that my friend is the #1 reason I hate my job.

liloat said...

I think lazy is can be an awesome asset! The editorial page editor at work told me that he likes working with me because I am lazy, and therefore very efficient. I know where to cut corners and cut out red tape, but I don't like to do things (cause I'm lazy!) so I do them right the first time. Lazy = more time for naps!

holly said...

hah! I love it when sleeping in til the last minute actually pays off. I'm a blessed woman that my hubby gets up with the kids, so my "work day" doesn't begin until 7:50AM.