Monday, October 29, 2007

Found: Unexpected Religion

As you might expect, Saturday night was a big night for Halloween parties. Georgetown generally turns into a giant costume party as people parade up and down M street in their costumes. (Presumably they are going from bar to bar, but the effect is a giant parade).

In the midst of all of Jack Sparrows and tarted up she-devils walking the strip, I was surprised to see this little scene:

On one corner stood Moses with a woolly beard and shepherd staff. On the opposite corner was Pharaoh, with a very stylish headdress and a golden crook. As they stepped off of the curb, they saw each other and rushed forward screaming:

“Let my people gooooo!”

“Moses, Come back to meee!”

Then they crashed together in the middle of the crosswalk to fight with their staff and crook like Luke and Darth.

It was awesome. Whoever said kids today don’t know about religion, clearly needs to spend a little more time cruising the streets of Georgetown.


Camie said...

I second the awesomeness of this event, mostly because I wanted to use the word awesomeness.

soundofstilhed said...

Sad thing is that for every Moses, there are 713,042 dirty, slutty girls using Halloween to intensify their impurity! 'tis though they finally have their reason to become the tramps they've always wanted to be. This is why I will never cross dress for a Halloween costume again--no matter how innocent and fun Little Miss Sunshine was last year!!!