Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wednesday's Child

Wednesday is my new reason for living. I'm not even exaggerating about this, you guys. I used to think that Thursday was a pretty great day. It was so close to the weekend, but still had a strong element of anticipation to it. The best parties in college were all on Thursdays. And Thursday's, of course, had the most anticipated television. Yup, Thursday was a great day. Still is, as a matter of fact. But right now I can't even give Thursday the time of day. I am ALL about Wednesdays.

What's so great about Wednesday, you might ask. After all, it does have that really horrible moniker, "Hump Day". Ugggghhh. I hate that. Whoever thought that was clever needs to be beat with a wire hairbrush. And Wednesdays are the day I have to schlep all the way out to College Park during rush hour traffic for Young Women activities. So that doesn't make Wednesday very pleasant. And the work week is only half over, granted you've turned the corner, but there's still plenty to go. In this light, sorry Wednesday. You're a little bit of a loser.

Fortunately, there is a force that overcomes all of the negative things Wednesday has going for it. It's a VERY POWERFUL force. So powerful, in fact, it is actually three things. But united they have the power to elevate poor little jammed in the middle of the everything Wednesday to be loved beyond all measure.

In a phrase, we could call this Monster Force, "Wednesday Night TV". But that doesn't really do it for me. A more appropriate phrase is HOLY-CRAP-I-LOVE-THE-NEW-SHOWS-ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT TELEVISION! I mean, hello? Gossip Girl? Is this not the best show on television? Yes. Yes it is. Or Dirty Sexy Money? 6 minutes into this show I cried out, "Holy Crap! I already LOVE this show". And Life? .... everything I hoped and more. And ... if all of this wonderfulness isn't enough, Pushing Daisies starts this week.

I'm a bit breathless just thinking about it ...

And here's the best bit ... all of these shows are available on the Internet. I can't even tell you how much I LOVE watching shows on the Internet. It's SO convenient! If you haven't had a chance to watch these shows ... fire up your browser baby and hop to it. And then you too will be extra impatient for the weekend to end just so that Wednesday is that much closer. Like me.


soundofstilhed said...

Wednesday is way too fun! It's also the day I play kickball and that's fun too!

Camie said...

I'm sad I can't watch gossip girl, but did you LOVE dirty sexy money tonight? I did. I really enjoyed catching up on last weeks programs at your house on Sunday. I think we should make it a habit.