Thursday, October 11, 2007

Isn't Starbucks That Guy on Battlestar Galactica?

I've been neglecting my blogging duties. I apologize. But I'm soooo tired. I've been trying to get to work earlier ... and it has completely wiped me out. My body loves the nightlife. It loves to boogie. It thinks being an early bird getting the worm is disgusting. And it also happens to believe that my alarm clock playing a supporting role in whatever weird dream I happen to be having when it goes off at 6AM.

But on the other hand, my body also really likes getting home earlier in the day. So I get up.

Consequently, I have been stumbling around like a damn fool until it gets to be around 11 or so and I can have a Diet Coke. I can't have any soda earlier in the day, otherwise, ugh ... rotgut. So at any given moment between 7:30 and 10:45 this is my thought pattern:

I am so tired.

I wish it was time for my Diet Coke.

It is so unfair that I don't have a bed in my cubicle.

Man, I'm tired.

If only someone would invent a caffeinated breakfast drink.


.... (Fantasizing about what this wonder drink would be like. Fruity? Oatmealy?) ....


Wait a minute. They already did, it's called coffee. You've heard of it ... the most popular drink of ALL TIME! moron.

Holy cow, I'm so tired. My brain is completely gone.

The sad part about this story, is that I'm not joking in the slightest. Almost every single day I think about this, always somehow forgetting about coffee. Caffeinated breakfast drink, indeed.

[Although seriously, I think this would be a good idea ... something suitable for breakfast that would have about as much caffeine as a Diet Coke. You know a nice little perk up drink, not one that turns your cardiovascular system into that of a rabbit's. And while I'm making up perfect requirements, lets have it be calorie/fat free. Drinkmasters of World, get on it. And don't forget me when doling out royalties.]


Leslie said...

this is kind of like the time that i really excitedly suggested we name our baby boy james (love that name).

then, my husband reminded me that james is our other kid's middle name.

oh ya.

do you have blonde hair, gretchen?

i do.

erin said...

hmm...what about having some hot chocolate in the morning? how much caffeine is in that? maybe the warmth would put you back to sleep though.

chucklas said...

Does postum have caffeine in it? I know my dad drinks that stuff sometimes.

]\[-]{ said...

Postum has 0 caffeine.

Hot chocolate doesn't have much caffeine, but does have a lot of theobromine (same chemical family as caffeine, and the reason to not give beloved dogs chocolate).

Get the rest of your caffeine (info) here: