Friday, February 29, 2008

Report Card

So they were right when they said that online dating takes a lot of time. I've sort of gotten sucked into it. Sorry the blogging has been light, but I can only be clever for so long during the day. And, well, while I love you guys, none of you are going to promise to subsidize my lifestyle one day. A girl has to have priorities while distributing her charms, you know what I'm saying?

Overall, it's going pretty well. I've met quite a few normalish fellows, and even a few that are down right funny. Of course there are the straight-up crazies, such as ...

The guy who's first message said, "Don't you think we should meet?" And I was like, um, no.

Or the guy who's message was practically incomprehensible. Let me know if this makes any sense to you:

Subject: Hello Charming Princess ... [an auspicious start]

Stop searching is what everyone keeps on telling me ... so, stop searching is what I did. And on that day I sign on on the dating site , I encountered the sweetest smile I have ever seen complimented with such beautiful eyes. My heart skipped a beat,
I couldn't catch my breath and the only thing I could really say is, "Thanks, but I'm just looking around." [uh, you lost me on that one.] I wanted to say so much more than that. I will like to stare into your eyes and talk to your heart [sorry, i opted for the non-talking heart model.] but am not sure the way you will feel yet because I was nervous, so nervous I wanted to that i want to close your profile page . [by all means, please do.] But I stayed; and something tells me i have found love this is not a compliments this is what i felt deep down my heart ..pls give me a chance to get to know so that i can love you [no.] ... or you can add me to your Yahoo bubby[sic] or drop me your Chatting id. [no.]
Impatiently i wait
to hear from you... [hope you're not holding your breath]

[this is where it drifts into Text Message lingo, which in this case makes almost no sense to me.]
Note:I did like you to get back to me! with ur yahoo mail or email address and let me send you a mile with few pic of me i hate to post my pic on phote cuz f plz used ppl pic to [whaa?]

A real keeper, eh! It's rough out here. Fortunately, so far the non-wackos are outnumbering the wackos.

And so I press on.


Julie said...

WOW! That guy's hovering on the edge of creepy. Glad that on the whole the experience is worth experiencing. Keep all the juicy details coming . . . married with children is great - but low on juiciness . . .

Matherita said...

You are killin me - LOL

Bone said...

Pls let me never use "pls" to try and attract someone.