Sunday, February 24, 2008

Water Tasting Festival: Year 2

I promised to go back to the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Festival every year, and I'm a girl that keeps her promises. Yup, that's me. A promise keeper.

I brought Camie and Anna along with me this year, mostly to prove to everyone that this really IS a cool event. And I'm happy to say that they agree with me that this festival is super fun! Sure, it's also super weird, but weird in a good way. Like me, they'll be back. Once you go ... you're hooked.

After all of the tasting is done, and the awards have been given, there is the highlight of the evening, The Water Rush. All of the bottles of water are piled in the middle of the room and at the word "Go" there is a mad rush to get your favorites. This year, things were significantly more brutal, and I was pushed over a couple of times. But I'm a scrapper, and a few elbows to the kidney stopped that kind of unsportsmanlike behavior. Together, Camie, Anna, and I came away with 85 bottles of water. We're such lucky, ducks!

I forgot my camera (quel horror!) but here are a few shots of the booty. Which took 5 trips to get out of my car and into my apt. (The little MINI was filled to capacity!)

The Booty:

AquaDeco bottles are always a favorite because they are so unique.

Mini Mantra Bottles: I Am Lucky; I Am Loved. I'm definitely taking these to use at work ... I just want to make sure everyone knows the score.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of them this year. Each bottle is hard to drink because it's unique ... you want to save it, but you also want to drink it. But if I save them, my dining room table will never get cleared off, and that's going to get irritating.

Last year, I solved this problem by taking them all to work and having a Water Tasting there too. I made people bring in tap water from DC and Baltimore to fill out the "municipal" category, and had ballots that they filled out and everything. My co-workers said they thought it was weird and that I was crazy ... but they're already asking when we'll be having this year's Water Tasting. So who's weird and crazy now, I ask you?


Camie said...

I now know what I would do for free water and it isn't pretty.

Salt H2O said...

That is VERY cool.

soundofstilhed said...

Do we need to protect our kidneys more from you or Camie during the mad dash for what you can get from your tap without the dash?

Julie said...

Water Tasting Festival here again? Been a year already eh. Being that I used to work for the Rural Water Association of Utah I have a deep connection and love for all things H2O.

holly said...

fun! I wanted to do that but never got around to it.