Friday, February 1, 2008

Some Thoughts On My Hotel

I mentioned before that the hotel I stayed in in Las Vegas was AH-Mazing. If I may, let me expound.

This was my bed:

"Hello, MOST COMFORTABLE bed I have ever slept in. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

King-sized, soft, at least 500 count sheets, and perfect pillows. The first night I was there I had a little trouble setting the alarm properly, and when it went off at 4Am, I had to crawl across the vast expanse of the bed to turn it off. Annoying as this could have been, it was really the best thing for me, because up until that point I had not been taking full advantage of The Bed. One thought made it to the surface of my conscious mind: "Oh man, I've gotta DIVE INTO THIS!" and then I did about fifty snow angels and rolled around for a bit, before falling back asleep. The rest of the trip was spent sleeping diagonally with a perma-grin.

Second only to The Bed was The Bath. And more particularly the flat screen TV at the foot of The Bath.
I'm not a huge bath person ... I get bored. After about three minutes of sweeping the bubbles from one side of the tub to the other or arranging them strategically, I'm ready to get out. I can usually entertain myself for another two minutes sticking my big toe into the faucet and trying to turn the knobs with my feet. But really, that's about as far as I can stretch it. It hardly seems worth the effort to fill the tub. But introduce a flat screen TV to the mix, and suddenly problem solved!

(AND! The tub was so deep I wished my butt had some traction strips glued to it so I wouldn't slip down too far and drown. How often is tub drowning even an issue? Like never.)

While we're on the subject of flat screen TVs, well lookee here! It's ANOTHER one!

I don't usually get all Guy about TVs but this one was pretty killer. Plus I could watch it from The Bed, which for me, is the main thing when it comes to TVs.

As far as hotel rooms go this one was tops in my book. It only got better when I returned late one night to see that my neighbor had left his necktie on the door. (One more thing to check off the list of things I've heard about but never actually seen with my own eyeballs. Leave it to Vegas to educate a girl!) That's what this hotel is all about: style, comfort, and respect for your roommate.


Camie said...

I was really glad to see a picture of that bath tub.

Nik said...

I'm confused about the necktie on the door thing. Was your neighbor warning you of his lack of neckwear... or was he just really drunk and thought that's where the necktie went... or was the necktie a veiled invitation to knock on his door for a necktie return...? Are these stupid questions?

WOW! That hotel room really is AH-Mazing!