Friday, February 15, 2008

Tips From My Kitchen

There's an important distinction to be made between "apple cider" and "apple cider vinegar." Missing the word "vinegar" makes quite a lot of difference actually.

Trying to reduce apple cider vinegar is a frustrating experience, and ultimately a pointless one since vinegar evaporates.

The lingering scent of evaporated vinegar smells a lot like B.O.

Despite the claims on the cat litter bag that it "captures and holds odors," an open bag placed in the middle of the kitchen does nothing to absorb any lingering B.O. smells that might be assaulting your nose.


Leslie said...


jason said...
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Miss Hass said...

We should definitely never cook together.

April said...

wow, I want to know who/what got deleted--camie?? ;)

micah e. said...

I used to be in charge of changing the litter for our cat, Tooncess. The bag said "Fresh Scent" but man talk about stank! Cat litter + B.O. = I can't imagine.

betsey said...


I found your blog via your facebook and am delighted that you are just as hilarious blogging as you are in person.

Hope you are well!
betsey gimbel hawkins

holly said...

you are hilarious. i'm playing catch up with Google Reader and laughed heartily at your last 13 posts, well most of them. hee hee ;)