Monday, June 18, 2007

57 Channels and Nothing On

Last summer I started an experiment in which I would not watch television on weeknights. In an effort to be more productive in the evening I set my VCR and wouldn't even turn the TV on when I came home from work. Then I'd watch my shows en masse on Sunday afternoon. After the initial withdrawal wore off, I found I quite liked this plan! I had more productive evenings, I got to watch my shows without commercials (saving scads of time), and I had something to look forward to doing during the TV wasteland known as Sunday afternoon. So, I've kept the habit up (for the most part).

One side effect of this practice is that I haven't seen many, if any, of the shows that are not on my regular recording schedule. Which is why I find it remarkable that tonight as I was flipping channels until the Dateline interview with William and Harry started, I stopped to watch a few minutes of "How I Met Your Mother" -- a show that I watch, um, never -- only to find that it's an episode I've somehow seen before! I have no idea how this happens. First, I have no idea when I could have possibly seen this the first time around. Second, what are the odds of seeing the only episode I've ever seen of this show twice? If I'm that lucky perhaps I should be spending more time in Atlantic City. I do love a little Keno in the afternoon.

Despite being contrary to all logic and reason - this phenom seems to happen ALL. THE. TIME. With 15 or so episodes to choose reruns from, I invariably end up seeing the same one multiple times. It's incredibly annoying. All I want is some fresh re-runs, people! Is that too much to ask?

(On a side note, I just finished watching the Dateline interview with Princes William and Harry and can I just take a minute to say "Goodbye Wills ... HELLOOO HARRY!" When did Young Harry become WAY (and I mean WA-AY) finer than his brother? We always knew he was "the fun one" but holy crumpets! I'm agog!)


liloat said...

First -- I loath TV. Haven't turned it on in months (not even to watch movies, but is another ball of wax.) When I do watch it, I always walk away feeling cheated out of my time.

Second -- HELLO HARRY! I made the same comment to friend the other day. Makes me kind of feel like a pedophile to be ogling young harry, but seriously, when did he get so dreamy!?

Camie said...

I don't understand this Harry thing..can I get this interview on a rerun someplace?