Saturday, November 17, 2007

Available for Adoption

For a while now I've been getting email from a Hanson family that isn't MY Hanson family. At first I was mildly concerned that Gmail was sending another Gretchen Hanson's mail to me accidentally. But then I saw this little note next to my address on the message:

And since everyone knows that Google doesn't make mistakes, I stopped worrying about it.

For the most part, they seem like a pretty normal family, sending notes about Halloween and Christmas visits and whatnot. I kept thinking I should let them know that Google thinks that I'm their Gretchen Hanson, but the messages are infrequent and devoid of any real personal information. It hardly seemed worth the effort. And honestly part of me wanted to see if anything interesting like Halloween pictures showed up. Then yesterday this exchange came through, and I can't say how happy I am that my inner voyeur won out.

First Ashleigh sent this message to the whole family about her boyfriend Jason not coming home with her for Christmas:

Hey family!

Not sure if or what you all were planning on getting Jason for Christmas this year, but just an FYI that he won’t be coming to Seattle this year (Please, hold back the tears
) so if you happen to get something that’s bigger than a gift card and don’t want to make me lug it on the plan back to LA (Please don’t!) feel free to ship it to our place via my attention. Just shoot me an email telling me its coming so I know to keep an eye out for it. I’ll wrap it and tell him who it’s from when we do our own Christmas the weekend of New Years. Sound good?

Next message from Ashleigh. (This one just to the siblings, which apparently includes moi):

Hey siblings-

Omigosh. I just got the BIGGEST email from dad regarding the email I just sent to everyone saying that Jason wasn’t coming to Seattle for Christmas. Apparently he thought my comment about “Holding back the tears” was my way of telling you all that Jason feels like an outsider…not quite sure how he got that, but it’s hard to interpret emails…so I just wanted to clarify with you all that that was NOT what I was trying to say. I was just trying to be funny. Jason’s not coming to Seattle for Christmas; it’s really not a big deal so I’m not expecting anyone to be upset. Dad seriously just sent me a HUGE email talking about all of the significant others of his generation in the family and how people have treated them like outsiders…goodness gracious! Can’t a girl be funny anymore!

So hopefully none of you guys interpreted my email as Dad did

See you all in a little more than a month!
Peace Out.

Brother Dave replies:
I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you so you can tell Jason...that he is an outsider. We're all very happy that he is not coming to Seattle. The city is happy that he is not coming back. It's just better that way. We all feel that outsiders should remain outside. Mom even told me she'd rather spend seven Christmas' in a row at her place with Dad than have Jason back in Seattle.

And no. A girl can't be funny anymore. Not now, not ever. Girls aren't funny. They're not good at it. Nor are they good at sports, politics or thinking. That's man's work.

With Love,
Your brother
Brother Nate chimes in with:
Amen. I am not concerned with Jason's feelings at all...if in fact he even has feelings. I know a guy who loves to say, "Stop're hurting my feeling." Because he says he only has one.

Anyway, Dad's a tender flower sometimes. Let's all get him tissues for Christmas in case he gets misty-eyed over Jason not being here this year.

Low five,
From Brother Dave:
I'm getting Dad tissues, a sweater with Jason's face stitched in the front made from 100% pure emotion and a years supply of dance studio passes
No disrespect to my biological family, but will this family PLEASE PLEASE adopt me? I know they already have one Gretchen Hanson but surely there is room for another! They like witty banter, I like witty banter! Think of the happy funny times we can have together!

Please. Adopt me.


soundofstilhed said...

Nate then replies again: "Is there any way you can get me one of those sweaters too?"

my response: "if he's HOT, I need one too!"

Leslie said...

wow. they sound totally fun. there's a family near us, surname Ward, and two of the brothers married girls named Angie. so there are two Angie Wards in our stake.

i'm sure they wouldn't mind another gretchen h. are you just so tempted to pretend to be the REAL gretchen and reply that the reason jason's not coming is that now he's YOUR boyfriend and not Ashleigh's?

that would be fun. :)

Mrs. Dub said...

you can't make up this stuff! brilliant.

Camie said...

That is too funny, but I feel a little bad that their Gretchen isn't getting the emails. She's missing out on a lot of inside jokes between the siblings.

liloat said...

No they can't adopt you! We want to keep you. Does sound like their family has much more interesting drama than ours.

Maybe I should start dating Jason and then our family can can send snarky e-mails about him too! Problem solved -- you have to stay with us.

Nik said...

So funny! Even funnier that their personal family correspondence is now published for all to read on your blog.
I especially love Leslie's suggestion about you responding. Good good stuff.

Rob said...

hahaha HAHAHAHA!! :`D

*wipes tears*

Naughty Gretchen. This is officially my new favorite blog..