Friday, November 9, 2007

Today I Am Thankful For

  • Seat warmers in the MINI. Most worth-it upgrade ever!
  • Swedish Indie-Pop Rock (Jens Lekman and Peter, Bjorn & John HOLLA!!)
  • That it's casual Friday so I'm wearing sneakers and my cool new Busted Tees t-shirt. Green is totally my color.
  • Lunch is coming up soon. I love lunch. Mostly because that means it's also Diet Coke time.

But as great as a Diet Coke will be, I'm even more thankful that in 24 hours I'll be on my way to Cancun for 5 days on the beach!! You know how I LOVE the beach. And you know how I love partying. And you know how I love laying around reading (which is how I'll be spending my time on the beach between fruity drinks and sand castle building). And I'm sure you can imagine how much I love being on vacation. So maybe if you roll all of these loves into one big giant LOVE BALL you will understand how very, very excited I am to go!

I'm bringing my laptop, and fully intend to do some "blogging from the beach". But if coverage is spotty ... well, I'm sure it won't be my fault. It would never be my fault.

Hasta chicos, nos vemos en Mexico! (No se habla?: See you foolios in lovely Mexico!)

(BTW, I was planning on taking Mustard along ... you know how fun he can be. But I'm not sure I'll share our antics, since y'all thought I was crazy. I haven't decided yet. Persuade me.)


nckuhn said...

You love the beach? Have you forgotten about Beach Daniel? How much fun he is. And you didn't even think to invite him. "SAD Emoticon" Is their no one that can put an end to this overwhelming sadness? But wait... over there... in the fridge... Is that a school bus, Is it a banana? Maybe a... no! It's Mustard. He can save the Cancun trip! If he were there it would almost be as much fun as Beach Daniel!

You have to take him. I really don't think that there is a choice. I can sleep well knowing that Mustard is there to share in all your shenanigans. Plus you are in MEXICO! You will be needing someone to tirelessly watch over and protect you from all the evil mariachi bands. Again, I really don’t see how you have any other choice. Just make sure that you check him so that he won’t be detained by airport security. It’s not worth losing a best friend over. They’ve been after him since that last incident, don’t play coy, you know what I’m talking about. I think that they even made a movie about it – Mustard on a Plane.

Camie said...

I'm not sure about all of this LOVE BALL crap, but just make sure you bring your pj's.

Leslie said...

you have a mini and you're going to mexico?

i wish i was you today. were you today? don't know. but i do know that i also love peter, bjorn & john.

i'm glad we're friends. :)

Gretchen said...

@Daniel - you totally convinced me. Mustard will come. And I'm sure the trip will be all the better for it. Really, it's the only thing that can make up for not having Beach Daniel there.

@Leslie - I'm glad we're friends too! And yes, some days it is pretty good to be me. I suppose today is one of those days. (you should really check out Jens Lekman too ... those Swedes have got it going on!)

@Camie - I'll remember my pjs if YOU DO! I'm more concerned about my passport. That's usually what gets left behind. Get your party on, girlfriend!

Julie said...

PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE take mustard along. Is it too weird for me to admit that I think about him often.

Have fun in Meh-hee-ko . . .

soundofstilhed said...

I totally bought like five t-shirts from Busted Tees this past week! If you read my blog entry for today, you could guess that one of my new shirts is: Denmark's the Spot! Find it here--

soundofstilhed said...

the final two letters of that website are 'le' to complete the word 'male'. Great shirts. Enjoy yours!

Rob said...

Dayum that bustedtees model is HoTT!!!! ;-)