Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Polish Dog with Very Green Relish

Mmmmm. Lunchtastic!

America, it's time to talk about the dearth of excellent hot dog stands. It's not just for baseball games and NYC street corners anymore. The People need hot dogs.

Fortunately, there is at least one hot dog stand in Gilbert AZ doing its part to serve up a quality dog.

Step it up, America. Step it up. (You're not going to let GILBERT Arizona beat you on this one are you??)

By the way Good thing I'm eating every three hours here or I might have gorged myself on these. If I don't come home weighing 400 lbs it will be a minor miracle. Can you pass the tortillas?


Ruth & Ryan said...

Ooh yummy! Whenever I read your blog I find I crave a good hot dog. Last night the craving was pretty intense but I had no hot dogs in the house. bummer.

Camie said...

Eat some tortillas for me. Oh! that is an excellent idea. Instead of going on a "diet" I'm going to start outsourcing my meals.

David Littlefield said...

Now that looks like a good hot dog. They used to have them like that around here in Los Angeles, but not anymore. They do have a great (and I mean great) downtown grilled dogs, with jalipino peppers, grilled onions and wrapped in bacon, but the venders are so filthy who can take the chance?