Monday, November 19, 2007

Vacation Part Deux

What's this? I'm on vacation AGAIN?!? That's how it goes when you live the vida loca like I do.

This time I've jetted off to Phoenix, AZ for a little Thanksgiving hoedown.

Some notes from my travels today:

  • I saw a middle aged woman in a CareBears sweatshirt (not really surprised since I was in the Midwest. I expect that sort of thing there. Just as I expect the scrunchies per capita to go through the roof.)
  • I watched my first television show in HD. In my opinion HD reveals more pores than I'm really comfortable seeing. I like my television stars blurry enough to make me feel bad about myself.
  • FYI, I am a Majhong GENIUS! 23 games played, 21 games CONQUERED. Would FreeCell dare to enter the ring?

And finally, this isn't technically from today's travel ... but it should be noted. And since I'm talking travel, this is as good a spot as any.

  • On the flight down to Cancun last week, the woman I was sitting next to started using her cell phone while we were landing. I realize that while it is against the rules to use your cell phone on a plane it isn't technically the biggest catastrophe you're going to encounter. But if there is ever a time to not use you phone, you know JUST IN CASE something could go wrong, I think during the LANDING would be that time. I'm just sayin.

Happy Thanksgiving travels to you all! I'll be bringing you updates from my stint in the Grand Canyon State.


Miss Hass said...

A Care Bears sweatshirt? Wow. Shockingly awful.

Thad said...

Um, I was wondering where I could get a Care Bears sweatshirt, you know, for my wife for Christmas? By the way, you should have cracked the phone lady in the face with your elbow. I can't stand the fact that so many morons can't go 30 seconds without jabbering on the freakin' cell phone. Annoys the HELL out of me as a matter of fact!

]\[-]{ said...

in re: Care Bears sweatshirt (again)

you wrote, "...not really surprised since I was in the Midwest...," but it isn't clear when you were in the Midwest to see this sweatshirt.

Did you connect to a flight in Chicago or Cincinnati? If so, a woman in the airport is probably NOT from the Midwest, but rather from Florida or Pennsylvania-cum-Baltimore.

Do you consider Phoenix within the Midwest? If so, how curious.