Friday, July 18, 2008

Picture Us Here

I'm all in a tizzy! Camie and I have been looking for an apartment for the last week, and yesterday I lost my heart to the most perfect apartment in Capitol Hill. Its so perfect I was up half the night tittering with excitement. I don't give up sleep for anything less than perfection.

If I walked to the middle of the street and turned right this is what I'd see:

(Fireworks optional)

If I turned to the left I'd see Lincoln Park:

(Fall foliage optional)

And if I went inside the apartment, I'd be in one of the best apartments available in Capitol Hill, if not the world. Clean, huge, bright, and renovated to perfection. All for the perfect price.

Most amazing of all, I was the first person to turn in an application, so there's a tiny snowball's chance that we could actually get this apartment.

SO PRAY, PEOPLE, PRAY!!! Get your golden calves, Torahs, Mexican Prayer Hands, rosaries, fasting, Hail Marys, or whatever else you might need to give your righteousness a boost. Because really, apartments like this one are only granted with Divine intervention. Its going to take all of our combined power to get this miracle to happen. I hope I haven't wasted all of my miracle bucks on minor things like avoiding parking tickets, because I really want to spend them on this apartment.


Camie said...

I hate it when we blog about the same thing because yours is always so much better than mine. Anyway, I'm thinking of praying every hour on the hour for it.

erin said...

so how close, exactly, are you to union station???

Alicia said...

I love reading about your latest adventures! I am praying that you girls get it so I can come and visit!

Joseph said...

Sorry. Nothing to spare: I'm taking the bar in a week and a half.

jill said...

I know that feeling, it does keep you up at night. I hope so bad that you get it!!! It sounds AMAZING!!!!

Mandee said...

I really am going to pray that you get that place... for reals. Cause like I always say, you're living the life I dreamed of living. Enjoy it!

Sandra said...

So, did you get the place yet? I really hope you get it, it sounds like a winner.

Paola said...

Sounds like a great apartment!Hopefully you get it. I will pray for you ladies. I actually, literally, have 'Mexican prayer (or praying) hands', so there you go! (What are they anyway???)