Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who Knew I Was So Impatient?

I did a really dumb thing this past weekend. Before I tell you what it was, let me try to justify my actions. Fruitless as that might be. And I'm sorry that this post is going to be really boring, since I'm just going to be talking about books, but for real, I CANNOT FOCUS ON ANYTHING ELSE this week. It's driving me batty.

So anyway.

I recently read the final book in Libba Bray's "Great & Terrible Beauty" series. It was pretty good, but it'd been a while since I'd read the first books in the series and so as my mind would drift off I'd notice that I'd been thinking such clever thoughts as "What the wha?" and "I don't remember this character AT ALL" way more often than was acceptable to make the book truly enjoyable.

Of course, after that frustrating experience I was wary about being unprepared for the finale to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. So I did the most logical thing I could think of and re-read the entire series over the weekend. Twilight, New Moon, AND Eclipse. That's about 1500 pages of angsty vampire/werewolf love. No I didn't go out of my house all weekend, and yes it was totally worth it.

Needlesstosay, I'm a major loser.

The problem is now I'm all in a frenzy for the final book, Breaking Dawn. And it doesn't come out until Saturday (or Friday night at midnight if you're a major loser like me). Which means that I've had A WHOLE WEEK TO OBSESS OVER IT! I can't even bear to give you the details of my obsessing because it's really embarrassing, but just know that I'm NOT talking about a mild interest here.

I should know myself well enough by this point to know that I SHOULD have taken work off Thursday and Friday to re-read the series, rather than force myself to spend an entire week in suspense. I can't believe I've put myself through this TORTURE! I have zero patience when novels are on the line.

I can console myself only by repeating over and over, "Two more sleeps. Just TWO more sleeps." But even that doesn't make it better. Will this week NEVER END?


Erin said...

Yeah, HUGE loser. I will be buying at midnight on Friday too. I need a life.

holly said...

HAH! you poor thing you.... j/k I've been kinda avoiding thinking about it, because I know it's inevitable that I will read it even though I'm pretending I have no interest. the thought just occured to me that I'd better read it sooner than later to avoid any spoilers...

erin said...

do you own these books? if so, maybe you could lend them to me?

Paola said...

I got my book at 12:01, too! (more like 12:14, really. Those extra 13 minutes seemed very long!)
But I've had a crazy busy Saturday so I haven't been able to start reading! It's been painful... I wouldn't doubt that by now (9:38pm Sat.) you're done reading!