Monday, July 28, 2008

Wherein I am Jealous of Myself

So remember the super perfect apartment on Capitol Hill that Camie and I were hoping your righteous prayers would get for us? Well, someone out there must be doing something right, because although we ultimately decided not to go with that specific place - we ended up getting an apartment that's EVEN BETTER!

Blocks from Eastern Market, steps from Lincoln Park, the top two stories of a Victorian brownstone, hardwood floors, fireplace, a kitchen that's not a galley kitchen and Loads of Charm - this place is really going to be great!

And really, location couldn't be better. If we walk out to the middle of the street, instead of seeing the Capitol, we will see this little gem:

Know what that is? Perhaps, you don't recognize the building. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. Marble + Ionic columns doesn't exactly narrow it down in this town.

How about I give you a hint and show you the inside ...

Got it now? Ok, then let's grab hands and jump up and down while we scream, "LIBRARY OF CONGRESS! LIBRARY OF CONGRESS!"

As a librarian, THIS is the ultimate. Living within yards of the Mother Ship ... well, ironically, there are no words.

I couldn't be happier! I think our apartment is going to be a raging success! So thanks everyone for being so extra-special-super righteous so Cam and I can have a swank pad to chill in. You're all invited over for mocktails (or cocktails, if Camie has anything to say about it).

We move September 6th. So if you're in the area, and are interested in getting some free pizza that day, I know a way we can arrange that.


betsey said...

Oh my goodness! I've become EVEN MORE jealous of you, if that is possible. Can't wait to see the pictures of the furnished place.

Paola said...

Congratulations! Sounds great! I might have to stop by during my September trip to DC... (oh how I miss living in DC!)

karen said...

Congrats. I am excessively jealous because there is an inordinate DEARTH of any sort of character here in Gilbert when it comes to homes. You get to pick Tuscan, Tuscan, or Tuscan.

Love the teeth. I'm entertaining getting some for my jacked lower teeth pretty soon here.

micah e. said...

Any neighboring apartments available for me and Joseph?

holly said...

WAHOO! that is the ultimate.!

brent said...

Okay, I stalk your blog (I'll admit it!), and when I read this, my head just about exploded with jealousy. Seriously, the LOC is THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE as far as I'm concerned. Wow. Wow wow wow. Post lots of pics and let us know how the move goes!