Thursday, July 26, 2007

Filling the Void

I just heard an interview with the author of this book, and he said an interesting thing. He said, "If you were to retire tomorrow, what would you do to fill the void? Whatever it is, that is what you should be doing today."

(His book is all about outsourcing your life ... work, cleaning, email, etc. ... so you can actually live your life. It's an interesting concept. I'm tempted to try it. For years I've claimed that I should have a personal assistant.)

His comment resonated with me because I find myself at a professional crossroads of sorts. My current job hasn't kept me busy or engaged for quite some time, and I've thought about going elsewhere ... but I'm not sure I want to stay in the same line of work. So I sit at the office all day and try to think of what it is I really want to do. Apparently I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. It's my age old problem of too many interests. There are a million things I'd really love to do. But can I focus on just one? And could I make a good living at it? How can I monetize the things I'm passionate about: reading, writing, music, fashion, and humor?

So now I ask myself, If I were to retire tomorrow, how would I fill the void? Anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm going to keep chewing over some ideas, but in the meantime, What would you do if YOU were to retire tomorrow?


Camie said... should be a professional blogger. Seriously you should write. And I should run a little boutique/design shop near the beach.

erin said...

i'd stay home and make little pieces of junk that camie could sell in her shop.

Julie said...

So I don't know what I would do, but along the lines of your passion for fashion I'm still wanting to take you up on the open position I have for a stylist.

Aside from that - in your spare time - when your not making me look fab - you should be writing a weekly column somewhere.

Gretchen said...

@ Camie - yup ... keep spreading the word. I'll be famous one day!

@ erin - and you think you aren't creative!

@ julie - Say the word and I’ll be your stylist! I’d love that. A column would be fun. That’s a great idea. My big problem is sticking with one thing for a long time. What topic(s) would you like to see me cover?

liloat said...

I agree you should write -- a column (Dave Barry is on hiatus and you are funnier than he ever was, so we know there is a vacancy in the market!) or your novel or just keep plugging away at this blog. It is harder than people think to be funny in print, but you have mastered it. You could write on all of the things you have so wittily tackled here and whatever else strikes you fancy. Maybe contact your local weekly entertainment tab and see if they would be interested in seeing your work. Then send in a few of your favorite blog enteries. You never know, they may take you on.(that is my insider advice)