Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is Why I Love July

July is National Hot Dog Month and today, July 18, is National Hot Dog Day. In honor of this prestigious event, and because 2.3 billion hot dog consumers can't be wrong, I offer a limerick.

Please to enjoy:

Hot Dogs! A great summer treat.
In fact, they're my favorite linked meat.
A grilled one piled high
With great toppings and fries ...
A hot dog for lunch can't be beat!

Happy Hot Dog Day everybody!

Celebrate by eating a hot dog (duh!) or by taking this Hot Dog Quiz, courtesy of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. If you do both you'll be chubbier and smarter. And my work here will be done.


erin said...

uh, thanks for posting this at my almost-bedtime. fat lot of good that does me. what holiday is today?

Camie said...

mmm mmm good!

Mandalynn said...

I was telling Camie about a fantastic hot dog and she mentioned this post. I also love hot dogs. I have a friend who is a baseball fanatic. The only reason I agree to go to baseball games with him is because of the hot dogs. This particular hot dog is smoothered in nacho cheese and covered in fresh diced tomatoes. Delicious!!