Sunday, July 8, 2007

Words I Would Say if I Were British

I'm a little bit tired of my normal American English phrases like "Awesome" and "Totally Freaking Awesome". And I sometimes wish I could toss in a few select British phrases to spice things up a bit. But I don't for two reasons. First, there's a strong possibility that I wouldn't be understood because Americans are widely recognized as morons, and Second, if I were understood it would be by people who would think I was a totally lame poseur and I'd be shunned from decent society. So I refrain. But oh, if I could possibly get away with it, I would.

These would be my word seasoning of choice:
  • Brilliant or Brill - "Penny, these new highlighter pens are simply brill!"
  • Prat - "That prat Roger called me again last night."
  • Git - "What an insufferable git!"
  • Sod off - "Sod off, Aaron, I'm not buying your appetizers."
  • Knackered - "I worked like a demon today and I'm completely knackered."
  • Veg - "What lovely Fruit & Veg!"
  • "Fill in the blank" for England - "You'd think Lucy was Shagging for England!"
  • Naff - "Britney Spears is so naff."
  • Love - "You about done with the copier, love?"
  • Do - "Are you going to Harry's Birthday Do?"
  • Spiffing - "Don't you look spiffing?"
  • Corking/Corker - "Poppy's new dog is a little corker."
  • Cock it up - "As usual, Ed cocked it up."
  • Take Away - "Care for a curry take away?"
  • Blimey - "Blimey it's cold in here."
  • Did do - "Well I guess you did do."
  • Pissed - "Roger, is that you? Are you pissed again?"
  • Bollocks - "Bollocks to him! ... Yeah, bollocks to him!"
Wouldn't it be brill .... I mean awesome?


erin said...

i do like take away. you can use it around me and i won't think less of you.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

You forgot.

Substitute loads for tons.

Nicked = Got arrested.

Buggered = screwed.

Beetled = To walk. I beetled all the way down to the car.

These are some of the few that I use all the time. To hell with those that don't like it.

Smashie Smasherton said...

I personally like "muck it up" as well.

Nik said...

Don't forget "I need to visit the loo." or "I'll just drop that by my flat and we'll be on our way." or "Those shoes really don't go with that jumper." I think everything just sounds better when said with a Brit accent. I do try not to use it in public, as well, though, Love.