Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Christmas Miracle

Today's special thing wasn't so much something that I did on purpose, as it was something miraculous that happened.

To truly understand the miraculous miracleness of this you need to know two things.
  1. I am the QUEEN of parking tickets. If I'm even a minute late back to my meter I can pretty much guarantee that I'll have a ticket waiting for me.
  2. The meter maids of Bethesda will be reincarnated as vultures. Vicious and unrelenting vultures. From hell.

So now that you know these things, you will of course jump to the same conclusion I did when I was sitting in my boss' office at 3PM and realized with a jolt that I was supposed to go out and feed my meter at 2PM. And I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN. And worse yet, I was stuck in her office for like 20 more minutes, just sure that there was no way on this earth that I would get away without owing the county $35.

As soon as I got out of her office, I sprinted down 6 flights, said, "Hi! What are you doing here? Sorry, can't talk now!" to a friend in the lobby who as far as I knew was A) in Columbia and B) going blind (both topics that really needed some immediate discussion) before I darting out into traffic to get to the parking lot, noting that the meter maid was at that very moment giving some poor guy a ticket. I had hoped that since it is so snowy and cold they wouldn't be working ... but clearly they were. It was my last scrap of hope. And now it was gone.

So I walked defeatedly to my car. And looked at the windshield, where my ticket would be waiting for me. Ready to grab it and curse and cry out, "WHY ME?? WHYYYY??" But lo ... there was no ticket! I'd been expired for at least an hour and a half and had somehow eluded getting a ticket.

Like I said, It was a Christmas Miracle. Perhaps the most miracally miracle EVAH!


Camie said...

That is a miracle. Remember how I got so many parking tickets in Bethesda that they towed my car TWICE! and I had a parking pass.

April said...

Hey, the last time I got a ticket I went to pay it online--and for some unknown reason (that I'm not going to look carefully into, cause I don't want them figuring out they screwed up), my ticket online was HALF what it was supposed to be! Gotta love those data entry skills! So, I now recommend you check online before sending in that check--you may get lucky! (I hope they don't come after me!)

He and She said...

It's so heartwarming to hear stories of Miraculous Christmas Miracles. They fill me with...umm...miraculation!