Thursday, December 13, 2007

Burried in Boston

Help! Help! I'm stranded in Boston!

I came up for a 1 day seminar and due to the 6 inches (and counting!) of snow that have fallen in the past 4 hours my one day trip is turning into two.

Not only did I only pack enough clothing for one day, entertainment wise I'm really really unprepared to be stranded. I didn't bring my laptop. I didn't bring my cell phone charger (yeah, battery's pretty much dead) so no phone calls. I didn't bring more than one book, I figured I had enough left of the current one to see me through. BIG mistake. BIG. I finished my book last night, and the gift shop doesn't have any books, even of the tawdry bodice-ripper variety. Sure, they've got HBO, but I've already checked the schedule and the only thing on is Ever After, which I just watched from NetFlix like 2 days ago (seriously, WHAT ARE THE ODDS? That movie is like 40 years old. Isn't HBO required to show relatively current content? I do love Drew in that movie though.)

So with no way to entertain myself you know what's going to happen, don't you? I'm going to end up hanging out in the bar with all of the other stranded people, that's what. And we'll probably all start by making small talk about the weather, and what brought us into town and if we'll ever get back home again. And before you know it, we'll be having a gay old time. Ugh. We'll probably end up drinking mulled cider and singing carols around the fire. Then the concierge will take off his jacket and loosen his tie and accompany us the piano, because the normal pianist is stuck on 95. Then as the carols die out since no one can remember the words to Auld Lang Syne, he'll start playing something a little more soothing and we'll all stare out dreamily into the courtyard chatting idly while we watch the snow continue to fall. At about midnight the party will start to break up when someone stands up and says "Well better hit the hay; long day tomorrow" and we'll wander laughingly back up to our rooms where we'll sleep soundly under our hypoallergenic comforters.

Doesn't that sound AWFUL? Don't you feel sorry for me? Socializing!! At Christmas!! Sheesh!

This could be the WORST enforced vacation EVER.


Camie said...

I really should have read your blog before I called you and wasted 1 min of your precious battery juice. I'm so sorry! Call me when you're charged back up and I'll tell you about the drain on my cell phone battery today.

Miss Hass said...

If I still lived in Boston, I would totally brave the T and come socialize with you. Unfortunately, that's not really an option anymore. I miss snow days!

Julie said...

You could come visit us and sing arround our fire except we've moved . . . hope you enjoyed your "vacation."