Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One Month From Today ...

It will be my Birthday!!!!!!!!

Aren't you totally STOKED? I am. 32 is the age I have always wanted to be ... and while it has been an OK year it hasn't completely lived up to the hype. There are only 30 more days for 32 to show me what it is made of.

So, readers, this is what sporty types call a Hail Mary. For the next 30 days I'm going to try to do something special each day to make 32 the year I always hoped it would be.

If you have suggestions I would appreciate them! Or if you have birthday presents I would appreciate them too!


Miss Hass said...

I have no presents, but I think that is a fantastic idea!

soundofstilhed said...

live it up by seeing Avenue Q. Or, pick restaurants or museums that are just not quite your style and go to a different one each day for a week. That worked out really well for me--tiring, but well worth it.

Julie said...

Perhaps there's still time to initiate a friend tour - where you quit your job and for the next 30 days or so you and mustard go on tour around the globe surprising 32 of your favorite friends.

Of course since it's YOUR birthday the friends will pick up the tab on your travels.

So there's that, or you could just pay for the persons toll behind you at the toll booth for the next month.

Camie said...

I like Julie's idea, really, I think you should consider it. Throw caution into the wind, dip into your savings and go wild. You're only 32 once!

Gretchen said...

Julie, You are a genius! That's a great idea. And I DO have 18 sick days I need to burn. (Not to mention a job that I consider quitting daily.)

Hmm... A certain spot in CA would definitely need to be on the list! You got me thinking girl!