Monday, December 31, 2007

The Best of A Quiet Year

In no particular order ...

Berkeley Springs Water Festival

A new side career as a writer

Chocolate Banana shakes at the Beach

Cancun (even though I left Camie for dead when she fell in the shower. Sorry 'bout that!)

Antics with Mustard

Finally achieving Full-Fledged American status by going to the Grand Canyon.

Got an iPod and NetFlix. (Maybe next year I'll join the modern world and get TiVo.)

Bashing around DC. I really do love this city!

Blogging (don't think I'm pathetic if I tell you that it can be the highlight of my day!)

Looking forward to being Great-In-O-Eight! (I'm cringing a little bit right now that I actually wrote that. Could I be any more cheesy? eeek.)


erin said...

yikes. i can't believe you wrote that either. i enjoyed this post in spite of the cheesiness.

Camie said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm REALLY glad you didn't rush in to save me.

soundofstilhed said...

wanna be NetFlix buddies? that goes for any of your readers too (Camie!)!! I'll warn you that I've got a wide variety of flicks though and some of them defy the prophet's R rating command... Very excited to start season 3 of Lost and other tv series soon!