Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Email, The Modern Caveman's Club

To: Gretchen
From : Captain Underpants
Subject: Dinner?

Hey, would you allow me "take" you to dinner sometime this week? Or next?

Captain Underpants

P.S. If the restaurant isn't metro accessible, I'll let you provide the transportation. :-)

And here I thought chivalry was dead. Silly me!


erin said...

what's "up" with his "quotes"?

nckuhn said...

Did you say YES!?

Leslie said...

does "take" mean you have to pay and he'll just sit next to you? i'm confrused.

so are you going? :)

Joseph said...

I think you make this crap up.

Camie said...

You know my vote, but I'll say it here for reinforcement....PUT HIM OUT OF HIS MISERY. JUST SAY NO! Besides, you can't pretend you're asleep if you're the one driving.

Gretchen said...

No, Joseph I don't make this crap up. I'm not that creative.

And no, I'm not going. I'll post my reply and his lengthy (!) response tomorrow. (Gotta dash off to Boston right now).

And Camie, I'd forgotten that fake sleeping is one of my favorite avoidance tactics. I gotta put that one back into rotation.

erin said...

talk about cliff hangers! i can't wait to hear what he had to say.