Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rainy Sunday

I woke up this morning and I couldn't see a THING outside of my window. We appeared to be socked in under a blanket of rain and fog.

Have you ever noticed that fog seems to be a weather condition that was much more prevalent during the 1800s? We almost never get fog anymore. At least not as far as I've noticed. I'm reading this book about Poe right now (The Poe Shadow) and I think the entire thing is set in the fog. It's really weird.

Anyway, I looked out of the window and said to myself. "My my, this sure is a stay at home kind of day. Makes me feel like baking." So I lit some lamps (since it's pretty dark when it's all foggy and rainy), popped in my Rilo Kiley CD and started making Swedish Pancakes.

Swedish Pancakes were a staple in my house growing up, and we'd beg Mom to make them for us every Sunday. They are a lot like crepes, only a bit thicker, and are best served rolled up with butter and powdered sugar (both inside and on top). They are made one at a time, and so as kids we'd always fight over who'd get the 2nd one. The first one was always burned or ripped or otherwise deformed, while Mom got the temperature right and perfected her flipping. They are my ultimate comfort food.

This morning as I made them and danced around in the kitchen in my pajamas and apron, I thought to myself, "This right here? This is a good time." And I considered that if I had a husband sitting on the couch reading the paper, and a couple of kids fighting over getting the second one, well, that would be a good time too. But not having that didn't make this morning's Swedish Pancakes any less wonderful. AND I got to pick the music, AND no one was making fun of me for singing along into my spatula-microphone. Which I always appreciate.


erin said...

hmm...i'm not sure if fog was really that much more prevalent during the 1800s. maybe it's just that we always picture the 1800s as a dark and dreary place, therefore fog just fits the mold. but i'm sure a meteorologist/historian could clear this up for you.

soundofstilhed said...

A few years ago, I read a book by Pearl that I really liked. I thought his writing style was pretty decent. I've always been a fan of Poe too, so last Christmas I put the Poe book on my list...and never received it. Maybe I should resurrect my Christmas wish list from last year and compare this year's list for gift prioritization reasons!