Sunday, December 16, 2007

Suffering For My Art

I'm sort of an expert at shopping. Like I do it all of the time. So I'm a little bit devastated to find out that when it comes to Christmas shopping I totally suck!

I tried really, REALLY hard to buy Christmas presents on Saturday .... and while I had a blast ... alas, I was a total failure.

It wasn't that there weren't things to buy. There were. Nor was it that I didn't know what to get for people. I did. The problem was that I couldn't resist buying things for myself at the same time. I do not understand those women who say that whenever they go shopping they never end up getting anything for themselves. WHO ARE THESE WOMEN? And where do they get such discipline? I clearly do not have it.

I started out ok while at the craft store. In retrospect, it's not too surprising that I didn't lose control there ... the siren song of puffy paint is pretty easy to ignore. But then I hit Anthropologie. Experience should have told me that there really wasn't a snowball's chance in hell of me getting out of there without at least a little something for myself. But what can I say, I'm an eternal optimist. (Or delusional, whichever). Here's a peek into my brain while browsing around. FYI, I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I veiled the names and presents, I'm sure you understand.
"This great little knickknack is SO PERFECT for my friend, and ohh-la-la this little treasure will be superglam for my sister. Ooooh! Look at this little guy. This is quite cute. Crap. Now I've done it, I'm seriously in love with this chinoiserie tea light thingy. But No! NO! I'm supposed to be getting things for others. Think, woman, think! Who would like this? hhhmmmm. It isn't really anyone's style. Well, except for mine, of course. It's only $10. You can't even get a coaster at Anthropologie for $10, it'd be a shame not to get it. And I'm already getting this other stuff, so its not like I'm making a special trip to the register for it. Why don't I just get a gift receipt for it, and I'll think of someone to give it to later."
Like how I rationalized that one? I do, cuz it really is SO cute. Doncha think? (don't mind my craptastic photography. My real Christmas present to myself will be a new non-sucky camera.)

This is now displayed attractively on my television, waiting for me to think of a recipient for it. Or not.

Later I was shopping for jewelry for my sister and it was literally a "One for you, two for me" scenario. But here's my FAVORITE thing I ended up getting at Banana Republic (on sale of course!)

Bracelets are hard for me because I've got crazy small wrists and they usually slide right off. But this little cutie is perfect! I didn't really mind being so selfish where there was this much cuteness on the line. (Besides, who knows if others would even like such a bracelet? It's a fairly bold piece and just too risky to risk losing this to the unappreciative.)

I've still got one more week to get my act together. And I promise here and now. If I have to buy something for myself every single time I need to get a gift for someone else in order to get my Christmas shopping completed, well then, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.


Leslie said...

i fall into the same trap, my dear friend. even on i DID buy my sis-in-law an apron and a cute bowl (only $7.95. 7.95!! anthropologie!!) anyway, i picked up a could of bowls for myself, too. it didn't hurt anybody. :)

Camie said...

I don't see anything wrong with picking up a few things for yourself along the way. I say one (or two) for you and one for them.