Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

It was a little weird rubbing Erin's belly for good luck. But boy oh boy did it pay off! I just won a Neat Receipts Scanalizer from one of my fav new sites: Sk*rt! I love love love winning!

Sk*rt is crazy cool. It's like Digg, but with stories that I care about such as:
Seriously, this is important stuff. Sk*rt keeps me up to date on all of the really important things people are talking about. And they give me presents. So of course I like them!


erin said...

am i like buddha or something now? that could be cool. maybe i should start selling belly rubs. $1 for 5 seconds. hey, it worked for you. and i, like you, am loving sk*rt. it's fun. and etsy is totally my all-time favorite.

Gretchen said...

I'm so glad you like Sk*rt and Etsy. I really like them both. I just bought the CUTEST prints off of Etsy. When I get them I'll post pictures. Have you tried using the "Colors" section? It's hours of fun.

erin said...

nooooo, but i will. what else am i going to do for the next 8.5 hours?

holly said...

you girls crack me up! I'm totally adding sk*rt to my daily website routine. :)