Friday, August 3, 2007

Still Scratching My Head

Waiting patiently for the bus this morning, the oddest thing happened.

A homeless guy strutted up to the trash can on the corner, and very deliberately placed a baby's bottle full of what I could only assume was pee on the top of the trash can.

Not in it. On top of it. As if he were placing it on the mantle next to his Emmys.

Brimming with pride he turned on a dime, and without a word strutted right back across the street. It was obvious he'd just one-upped someone, somewhere. I could almost hear him thinking, "Awwww YEAH! Take that you summana bitches! I'll SEE your bag of poo, and raise you a baby bottle full of pee. That's right. A baby bottle. FULL. of. PEE! Yeaaaaaah- Boyeeeee!"

Incidents like this remind me how much I love my neighborhood. What? Move and leave all this? Not in a million.


Silly Hily said...

I've joined in on the scratching of the head. Seriously? Pee? Or what if it was beer? Nah, he wouldn't be leaving beer for someone else. Or maybe it was pee and he hoped someone else would mistake it for beer and drink it. Eeeewww. But why in a baby bottle?
Hmmm, scratching....

Nik said...

Perhaps he thinks some baby is going to come along, think the bottle is apple juice and drink it. What a disturbing thought.
I guess we should all take this as a reminder to not drink apple juice of unknown origin. Don't be tempted by found baby bottles.

erin said...

that apple juice theory is quite good. gross, but good.