Friday, August 10, 2007

Becoming Depressed

I just watched Becoming Jane.

It was stunning.

But it broke my heart.

I had to listen to practically the entire Thriller album before I felt better. Thanks, Michael. I know I bag on you sometimes, but your smooth jams and sweet dance moves saved me from feeling thoroughly glum. I hate it when history isn't magically rewritten for the sake of a film. Yeah, I knew going in that the guy wasn't going to get the girl and it would technically be an "unhappy" ending, but man. That was rough. Anyway, I owe you one man. Carry on with the craziness.

Despite what might seem like a bad review, I highly recommend going to see "Becoming Jane". (Unless you happen to be staring spinsterhood square in the eyes and can sometimes be a little sensitive about that. (Not all of the time, you understand, just sometimes like while watching a really romantic love story.) If so, just proceed cautiously and make sure there's a bakery or a mall close by.)

I almost forgot. The chemistry between James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway had me wanting to lick the screen too. That was fun. Go see it just for that!


mommyneedsacocktail said...

I was right, right? It's not that he is particularly hot but there was something going on there....

Anonymous said...

Surely you know about I rank as, you guessed it: VERY Quirky Alone.

Thank you for giving me a reason NOT to watch that flick. ;)

holly said...

I've got a girl's night scheduled for this Tues to finally go see this. I don't have high expectations, but your review has boosted them a bit. : )

oh, and I loved mommyneedsacocktail's post about requiring her husband to watch the 6 hour P&P DVD as a condition for engagement! hah!