Monday, August 20, 2007

Awesome Dawson

I should probably be embarrassed about this fact, but I'm not. I'm a loud and proud fan, and I'm completely addicted to Dawson's Creek.

I've recently discovered it on TBS, and the only thing I can think about is: WHY didn't I know about this show when it was on Primetime? What was I wasting my time watching when I could have been angsting along with Joey, Pacey, Dawson and the entire Capeside High Crew?

I certainly wasn't watching my other Series That I Most Regret Not Watching: Felicity. Where are my priorities? I also missed most of Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and Freaks and Geeks. I'm utterly ashamed of myself.

And if I missed those, just think of what great shows I could be missing right now!

No, I can't. I can't think about it! It's too depressing. Besides, I'm doing my best to try and make amends by watching Dawson's anytime I can. The fact that it's on at 9AM, which is an awkward time if you want to stay employed, only demonstrates the level of my remorse and devotion. I suppose I could record it, but I think it means more if I sacrifice. And besides I'm a little bit opposed to recording reruns. I hope TBS starts syndicating Felicity soon, so I can make up there too.

Gosh, I'm starting to analyze my Fall TV line up and all of this "hindsight is 20/20" business is sure increasing the pressure to pick the best shows. I'll post my schedule soon just to make sure that everyone agrees that I'm dedicating my time wisely. Don't want to be smacking my head in 10 years that I wasn't watching Pushing Daisies because I spent all of my time on "So You Think You Can Make Fart Noises Like A Fifth Grader".

In the meantime, help me know that I'm not alone. What TV shows did you not watch that you wish you had?


erin said...

arrested development. i started about midway but can't help but think that maybe if i had watched from the beginning, i would have helped them stay on the air.

and about freaks and know i have the entire series on dvd? LOVE IT.

Nik said...

Ah, you make me laugh. I agree Dawson's was pretty good in the beginning, but it hit that whole "jump the shark" phase a little too quickly for my tastes. I had a similar why-wasn't-I-watching experience with a tv show. I cringe to even tell you, because it became horrendous in it's later seasons: Buffy the Vampire Slayer--don't judge. The first couple of seasons were so good. I highly recommend them.
My fave all-time tv show is Alias. Surely you were watching that, though, right? If not, you MUST watch the pilot episode. Absorbing from beginning to end.

soundofstilhed said...

I missed out on the Pretender, Early Edition, and JAG. At some point I intend to catch seasons 2-5 of 24 as well, but no hurry there. I hear Ugly Betty is worth spending a minute on too...

recovering overachiever said...

I love love love Dawsons. I was beyond obsessed when the show started because the characters were (supposed to be) my age.
It's cheesetastic, but a lot of fun!